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The sprawling campus is spread over an area of 10 acres and has 75 spacious classrooms, and separate blocks for various disciplines of science, music, arts & crafts, engineering subjects and Social sciences. The sprawling play fields are a treat to the eyes of any visitor to the school.

Computer Lab

The school has three well furnished Computer Laboratories, equipped with about 100 PCs, multimedia kits, color monitors, laser and ink-jet printers, over-head projectors etc. The school also has Broad Band Internet connectivity. All students from class I to XII learn computer Science as a compulsory core subject.


The school maintains a well furnished library and reading room. Newspapers and magazines are provided in addition to a wide range of books which also include Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Books on General Knowledge and Year Books. The library subscribes to half-a-dozen newspapers and a score of periodicals.


The School maintains a well-equipped dispensary (infirmary) under the care of a qualified doctor and a trained nurse to look after the medical needs of the children. Regular records of weight, height, inoculation, vaccination, etc. are maintained.

Swimming Pool

The school maintains a magnificent swimming pool (half Olympic size) and a toddler pool for smaller children were inaugurated on July 2003. The swimming pool is well-equipped with showers and spacious changing rooms. Cleanliness and hygiene of the pool has been given utmost importance. Regular swimming classes are held every day under the guidance and watchful eyes of professional trainers.


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